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Why Natural Pet-Care Solutions? 

Because your pet deserves the best care and natural ‘medicines’: what we call Pet-Care Solutions, which have NO harmful side-effects. 

Furthermore, all Pet-Care solutions are liquid and this has the following advantages:

  • In practice, liquid intake by animals is much easier than a pill
  • The bio-availability (the ability of supplements to be absorbed by the body) of liquid is 98% compared to 18% for a pill.
  • And because animals are often much more sensitive than humans, a 'little' is enough to get already an optimal results.
  • Most of the Pet-Care solutions have been frequency-enhanced to increase their effectiveness.

How do you get the best results?

All natural Pet-Care solutions never stand alone but work together in synergy, like everything in nature, to get the best result. For example Magnesium L-Threonate which calms, relax and increase the attention span of your animal works in synergy with D-Cal Cell repair to de-calcify cells, strengthen bones, teeth & joints, remove toxines and repair cell damage. In combination with the remote frequency support Bio-Atunement for an better and extensive result . This is very convenient especially for ‘larger’ animals, or complaints that are more difficult to treat. 

The best results are achieved when you use the Pet-Care solutions consistently as suggested. If you administer them randomly and without consistency, the results will be reduced. When our animal improves the quality of his or her life, we all know why we are caring for our animal(s). That is pure love. 

What is so unique about this Pet-Care?

All Pet-Care solutions are made of high quality natural ingredients, handcrafted and most are frequency enhanced to improve their effectiveness. As our Pet-Care solutions are liquid, they have a bioavailability of about 98% (compared to pills of 18%). Liquid solutions are taken under the tongue and enter the animal's bloodstream directly, thus having an immediate effect. This is in contrast to the time needed by the 'slow' digestive system. 

How Pet-Care solutions for animals came about.

People who practiced the Forever Vital approach also had pets. When their pets developed similar complaints, they started giving their Forever Vital supplements solutions to their pets with amazing results, which they in return shared with the Forever Vital Support Team. 

Together with our own experience in rescuing a stray cat and a dog from the shelter, it was a natural process to come up with these Pet-Care solutions for animals. It would give us great pleasure if your pet could also experience the many benefits of the Pet-Care solutions. After all we are aiming together for our animals to feel vitalized, calm and fit and to enjoy a pleasurable animal life. 

How do I acquire the Pet-Care solutions?

Click here for the overview of all the Pet-Care Solutions. 

If you prefer personal assistance or wish to perform the supplement testing, please contact the individual who introduced you to Pet-Care Solutions. They will be happy to support you with which Pet-Care solutions your pet should start best. Or connect with us via zoom

To the well-being of your animal.

Men and woman of the 

Pet-Care Support  Team


Let’s go for it!

Overview of the Forever Vital Pet-Care Supplements


the Forever Vital method is a private initiative of men and women; when you engage with us, you do so on a basis of i, a man or a woman and do so in your own title, agreeing to the following laws: 

the Forever Vital method is based on more than 25 years of in-depth knowledge of the human body as an organization and these insights tested and 'measured' in practice, in order to know for sure 'what works', is summarized in the Forever Vital method, making being fit and vital also accessible to other men and women and their loved ones; 

we, the men and women of the support team, clearly share our knowledge and experience from person to person in private so that every man and or woman learns faster how to optimize their own vitality and/or that of their loved ones; no body is the same and sometimes small adjustments are needed to optimize the functioning and/or possibilities of vitalization; we consider the knowledge and experience we have gained to be our property

all tests and results are interpreted and adopted by you, i: the man and or woman, as the sole interested man or woman and at your own discretion; you, i: the man or woman, agree, that you are the sole man or woman responsible and decide what and how the information, whether shared in writing or verbally, is applied, including the suggestions regarding vitality supplements and other supporting Forever Vital solutions in whatever form; 

the responsibility of the men and women of the support team is to provide explanation/guidance in a simple and clear manner and for these reasons, continuous reactions/feedback is required on the results in whatever form, so that we refine the explanation and guidance for further optimization of vitality results; 

the initiative and responsibility for feedback or reactions on the experiences (of yourself and or your loved ones) lies with the men and women using the Forever Vital solutions; it is courtesy on the part of the men and women of the support team when we ask for feedback and or feedback; feedback or feedback is your own responsibility and is an essential part of vitality optimization;

we reserve the right to amend these laws from time to time at our discretion; the use of support in any form constitutes your agreement to the amendment of these laws; we recommend that you reread these laws regularly;

vitality is natural for every human and animal on earth; the men and women of the support team see it as our responsibility to optimize the quality of life together, as our contribution to the next generations, so that there is also a viable situation for the new generations to learn, grow and evolve; 

for any contact in private between men and women, our motto is; coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progression and working together is success; each person is free not to agree on in private exchange, only in that case contact with the men and women of the Support Team stops; any man or woman who uses the Forever Vital method and or solutions and or has contact with our team, agrees to the notice (Notice)

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