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Vital Blood Scan Xtra (double test scan): 

To get an accurate report about what goes on inside your body, as the proper basis of a total Forever Vital action Plan.

Both tests report what goes on inside your whole body including a thorough scan of which pathogen microbes, toxins, or radiations are impacting your health. This is very unique because this makes this Vital Blood Scan Xtra go far beyond testing symptoms. 

The Vital Blood Scan Xtra scans report objectively what your vitality is today and an indication of your vitality of the future including of what is out of balance even to the smallest details invisible for the human eye and awareness. It is up to you to listen to what your body has to tell you and it is your responsibility and your decision which direction you wish to go for concerning the upgrading of your  vitality. 

This is the major value of the Vital Blood Scan Xtra because by testing the whole body including the microbes the deeper root cause(s) can be revealed.  The great advantage is that you can directly tackle what needs rebalancing and this saves precious time and money, but also promotes confidence in the innate self-regulating capacity of one’s own body and mind to restore your vitality. 

Many people have reported they're amazing improved vitality to us, that went beyond their wildest expectations. This is why we love to do these Vital Blood Scan Xtra with compassion, we go for ‘what works’. In this process we share  more than 25 years of professional knowledge that is backed-up with our own personal experience about what does work to name the most important criterion. The greatest reward for us is to see you regain your vitality. It is natural for everybody to share your results with others who might  find their way how much more rewarding a fit and vital life is.  Your vitality impacts the earth’s vitality and together we make our planet a beautiful & viable place to live. 

Test 1: Bio-resonance  scan (urine):

With the bio-resonance machine, we test what is out of balance. We test you from top-to-too which includes pathogen microbes, toxins, and your possible sensitivity for the many EMF and earth magnetic lines that can all impacts your vitality. 

Test 2: Vital Blood Scan (is a blood sample seen under a microscope):

By examining 5 impressions of 1 drop of dried blood under a microscope reveals your vitality including an indication of the future vitality.  Where the bio-resonance machine indicates that something is out of balance the Vital Blood Scan reports  how it affects the whole body constitution including the head. 

Both scans compliment each other. In this way, you get an accurate perspective on your current vitality level as a proper basis for a successful Forever Vital action Plan

You will receive the following:

An extensive report of the findings of both tests scans combined with additional information on how the body functions as a whole. The results of the bio-resonance machine in the form of test-forms. A personal tested detox plan plus specific information how to detox gently and effectively. Attention: in contrary to what many people think or believe, we get every time reflected back that detoxing is an art and can easily worsen one’s current situation if you don’t have the knowledge and experience what to do and what to expect for a successful detox process. This is why we personally test with the bio-resonance machine what might work best for you. No ‘body’ is the same. Suggestion scheme of bio-available minerals and 100% organic whole-food nutrients to support your total Forever Vital action plan. 

An hour Zoom or Skype dialogue to explain & clarify the tests and to answer your questions, is included in the Energy Exchange. In case you are in need for further Forever Vital  guidance view the Test & Support options ..

For more information:

We would like to refer you to the person who introduced you to the possibility of the Vital Blood Scan Xtra. He or she will give you the information you need on how to proceed.  

Option half an hour Video Conversation:

In case you don’t have a referral, you can apply by the contact form below for a half-hour intake video conversation to discover if the Vital Blood Scan is valid for you. 

Take into consideration that for the Vital Blood Scan Xtra there might be a waiting list. Only in urgent cases, we make exceptions. The video conversation can be planned on short notice.

‍ Time location: West-Europe Amsterdam.


the Forever Vital method is a private initiative of men and women; when you engage with us, you do so on a basis of I, a man or a woman and do so in your own title, agreeing to the following laws: 

the Forever Vital method is based on more than 25 years of in-depth knowledge of the human body as an organization and these insights tested and 'measured' in practice, in order to know for sure 'what works', is summarized in the Forever Vital method, making being fit and vital also accessible to other men and women and their loved ones; 

we, the men and women of the support team, clearly share our knowledge and experience from person to person in private so that every man and or woman learns faster how to optimize their own vitality and/or that of their loved ones; no body is the same and sometimes small adjustments are needed to optimize the functioning and/or possibilities of vitalization; we consider the knowledge and experience we have gained to be our property

all tests and results are interpreted and adopted by you, i: the man and or woman, as the sole interested man or woman and at your own discretion; you, i: the man or woman, agree, that you are the sole man or woman responsible and decide what and how the information, whether shared in writing or verbally, is applied, including the suggestions regarding vitality supplements and other supporting Forever Vital solutions in whatever form; 

the responsibility of the men and women of the support team is to provide explanation/guidance in a simple and clear manner and for these reasons, continuous reactions/feedback is required on the results in whatever form, so that we refine the explanation and guidance for further optimization of vitality results; 

the initiative and responsibility for feedback or reactions on the experiences (of yourself and or your loved ones) lies with the men and women using the Forever Vital solutions; it is courtesy on the part of the men and women of the support team when we ask for feedback and or feedback; feedback or feedback is your own responsibility and is an essential part of vitality optimization;

we reserve the right to amend these laws from time to time at our discretion; the use of support in any form constitutes your agreement to the amendment of these laws; we recommend that you reread these laws regularly;

vitality is natural for every human and animal on earth; the men and women of the support team see it as our responsibility to optimize the quality of life together, as our contribution to the next generations, so that there is also a viable situation for the new generations to learn, grow and evolve; 

for any contact in private between men and women, our motto is; coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progression and working together is success; each person is free not to agree on in private exchange, only in that case contact with the men and women of the Support Team stops; any man or woman who uses the Forever Vital method and or solutions and or has contact with our team, agrees to the notice (Notice)

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